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PostSubject: Attendance    Sun Nov 27, 2016 9:49 am

Attendance is important for most things in our human existence. If you have a career or job you must show up or get released from duty. However, this is not a career nor a job this is something fun you voluntarily joined for your own reasons. UtG will not end if you do not play all the time, but if you are scheduled for a scrim or tournament this will have negative consequences for both parties.  Please be polite and just do your best to communicate your absence with any admin.  

Unexcused competitive attendance penalties from least severity to most:

  1. Verbal coaching.
  2. Benched 1 match after an offense. (You will miss one match after your unexcused absence from the prior scheduled match.)
  3. Benched 3 matches after the offense. (You will miss three matches after your unexcused absence from the prior scheduled match.)
  4. Removal from the competitive roster and must pass trials again.

You have rights within the Guild to take the trials a second time to keep your competitive position, however, if you keep repeating the cycle you must have a council vote to retake the trials after the second time.

NOTE:  This is can change at any time without notification.
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