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 Trials for competitive players

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PostSubject: Trials for competitive players   Sun Nov 27, 2016 1:37 pm

Before you can become a competitive member of the Guild you must partake is a series of Trials. Casual members do not have to take any trial, but they can to earn rank points. Casual members that also participate in other members trials will achieve rank points.
All Trials must be witnessed by a "Trial Admin" or "Comp-Captian".  However, if there are no one with this title you can record and post your video.

BF4 Trials:

  1. Sacrifice: You must not use any weapon during this trial. You are to use your revive kit. You can use non-lethal items. Take a screenshot of the scoreboard at the end of the match.

  2. Frugality: You must kill a tank by spawning with an assault kit.  You are not allowed to use explosives from the assault kit.  You are not allowed to use stationary weapons.  Be clever.  There are other ways to skin this "cat".

  3. Hunter or Hunted?:  You must achieve fairly all (5) tags in a UtG squad.  If you get someone's tag twice you remove that person's tag from your collection. Therefore, you must achieve it once more. If an UtG member of the Hunted Squad gets your tags, you remove their tags from your collection. If you do not have that certain members tags yet in your collection, you must achieve it twice. If a Founder is in the Hunted Squad, you are only required to get his tags.  Beware, if you have a collection while missing the Founders tags and he gets your tags you lose all in your collection. You must finish this within two rounds.

  4. Resovle: You must prove without a shadow-of-doubt your loyalty and commitment to our victory in-game.

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Trials for competitive players
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